Eliminate one bad habit that screws up your health every day. Begin doing one positive new thing for your health every day. Over time, as a new, healthier framework transforms itself into an established habit pattern, your life gets better. You get better. The thing in the beginning is: don't overanalyze the details. Just jump in. If you eat take out every night on seamless (Thai food, Indian food, sushi, pizza, etc), replace that with eating in (food made at home tends to be healthier) or, at the very least, find health food restaurants in your neighborhood that deliver and order from these places. If you don't exercise every day, devise a simple daily plan with a trainer that gets you into the gym every day to sweat a little bit! Make a schedule with a trainer, show up to the sessions, and work your butt off. If you are trying to make a difference in your life, you must not fall for your own weak rationalizations / excuses. Everything works!! But only for those who will actually do it!! Making yourself feel better through consumption of alcohol, drugs, food, sex, entertainment, (fill in the blank) can only go so far. These are all forms of escapism; these are forms of running away from engaging in the physical activities that will build your character and willpower. In order to truly feel good, you gotta fight for it. If you want to be awesome, you gotta have grit. Awesomeness is something you earn, not something that you get lucky and fall into. Do you want to be awesome? Don't be overwhelmed by all of the information out there. Move the needle on the compass a couple degrees off the current course that you are on. Make incremental changes. Over time, the transformation will come.