It is not going to be any easier tomorrow. When the moment actually arrives, there will always be an excuse.  There will be just enough wiggle room for you to squirm out of the way.  Until one day, time has passed you by and you look back at the time that you have squandered and realize that living a “comfortable” life is not all that it has cracked up to be.  You have only this life here on this planet.  This is it.  This is your chance to be a human being.  You have this body that you are in.   This is your hardware.  What are you doing with it?  Are you taking care of it?  Look at yourself in the mirror and answer that question.  Look into your eyes for that spark in your spirit, the light that animates your soul. What have you allowed yourself to become?  Is this really you?  You were not made to be a coward.  You were not made to run away.  You were made to clamp your teeth upon the neck of the dark forces of the world.  Walk over to the heavy things and lift them over your head, again and again.  And then run as fast as you can.  Just to know that you are alive.  To know that pain and discomfort are nothing to you.  You will feel things.  You will suffer.  And you will grow from it and become better.  Either that, or you will give up, lie down on the ground, and die. Either you stand up and fight for it or you don’t.  Which is it?  People always try to distract themselves from the reality at hand. Is that what you want for yourself? No! Start now. Right here, at this very moment.  Make the decision.  You are going to pull yourself together.  You are going to stop poisoning yourself with processed food and drugs and alcohol.  And you are going to stop poisoning your mind with fearful thoughts and negative programming.  You are going to work out as hard as you can until you get winded and you can’t catch your breath and the sweat drips down your face.  This is what it feels like to know that you are alive.  Sometimes you need to challenge yourself.  And the biggest challenge is often just getting started in the first place.